Friday, March 23, 2007

Pixeloosa's Portfolio

Shortly before I started packing up to move out here to Arizona, I started working on my new illustration portfolio. It has a few of the images posted here on my blog, in addition to a few others that are not. If you'd like to check it out you can find it HERE. Any comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for moseying on in!

I Spy For Illo Fri

This is my post for this weeks Illustration Friday topic "I Spy". It is an old illustration digitally remastered in Mirage for your viewing pleasure. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Total Boredom

Well its been quite some time since I've added a post to my blog. I've been in and around Tucson house hunting, and sightseeing. I wasn't on-line the first month I was here, but I am now. So I thought I'd get around to posting something for Illustration Friday's topic "total".
I've been so very very busy lately with little time to commit to new projects, so I thought I'd upload an old one. I drew this little mandalaish motif, while "Totally" bored at an orientation meeting after being hired at a large hotel chain. I sketched it out in pencil then a few years later colored it in photoshop.
I'm having a blast here in Tucson, and I've managed to take a handful of shots of some of the critters in my yard, and a few scenes from my other travels throughout southern Az. If you'd like to peek at some of the shots they are over here, at my other blog. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad to be back on line where I can finally visit all of the Illustration Friday's participants blogs.