Monday, August 17, 2009

Wrapped up in Summer

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is “Wrapped”. Seems rather appropriate considering that I ‘ve been all wrapped up in various projects all summer long. Earlier this year I downloaded “Blender” and started experimenting with 3D modeling. I wound up deeply absorbed in many of the tutorials available on line. It been one of the most exciting and challenging new concepts I have ever “wrapped” my head around. One of the terms used to describe adhering an image to a 3D object is “wrapping”. When I discovered that this weeks challenge is “Wrapped”, my little animated spheres came to mind. I used “TV Paint” to design the animated images. Next I wrapped the video on to the spheres in “Blender”. I created a video clip from a handful of experiments with animated spheres. The up side is that I mixed them all together in a HD clip and the movie quality is pretty good. The downside however is the same, so it can take a minute to load (about 30 sec. on my semi sluggish set up). Like last weeks Illustration Friday “Impatience”, I find myself often times a tad too impatient to wait a long time for things to load. If you want to check out the spheres they are right over here. I’ll bet you can’t watch it just once.

Just a short while back, I took a day off to work on a Roadrunner illustration. I’ve wanted to do a Roadrunner for some time now, and I’m glad I finally did, as it turned out to be a great image for the new banner on my pond blog.

The Daylily’s out on the patio provided the inspiration for this design.

That pretty much “wraps” up a few things that I’ve been wrapped up in of late. Oh yeah, a couple of months ago I posted a web page with the songs I wrote up in Alaska. I must issue a stern warning for all the hard core rockers out there that it’s a bit on the country folk side, with a hint of blues. The songs were recorded up in Anchorage at “Wildfire Recording”. I glad to have finally gotten around to putting up a page where they can be listened to. The song “Hey Waitress” gets a lot of folks smiling (especially servers). You can find the songs over here.
As always, thanks for stopping in. I have not been overly punctual in posting for Illustration Friday, yet I do pop in as often as possible to view other artist’s works.
See ya all!