Friday, January 25, 2008

Tales and Legends

Boy oh boy! Its been a while since I've posted anything for Illustration Friday. Life's been hectic lately, (as usual). This weeks topic is "Tales and Legends". I did take a little time out to create these two images. The one above is the face of one of the most powerful Mayan Gods "Quetzalcoatl". I did a little bit of surfing on the net and found this really cool short (around 2 min.) film that tells the story of Quetzalcoatle. If you want to check it out, its over here. I'm so curious about other cultures and their beliefs, and I've always thought these Mayan Gods were quite fascinating.

This is the symbol for the Mayan God "Hunab Ku" who is said to have been the most powerful of all of the Mayan Gods. There are many mysteries surrounding Hunab Ku. There are also several parallels between Hunab Ku's message, and a few of the far eastern philosophies like Taoism. I found a nice article about Hunab Ku over here. Thanks for visiting and peeking at my graphics!