Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feathered Friends Part Two and Three

Here is a couple of new clips I put together while trying out Sony Vegas . I've grown so addicted to filming all of the visitors to my pond. This weeks Illustration Friday topic is "baby". Now that's appropriate, as the second video below has a clutch of very adorable quail chicks. Hope you love birds and bunnies! Since completing these videos, I've managed to film even more species. So I guess a new video will be forthcoming soon. I posted a few pics a while back when I started construction on the pond, so if ya want to check those out, they are over here.

My Feathered Friends part 3

My Feathered Friends part 2


Friday, May 02, 2008

My Feathered Friends

This is another Artrage project. This weeks illustration friday topic is seed. That is why this post really is for the birds.

This little Video Clip I put together using some footage of the hoopla that goes on in my backyard everyday. I built a little pond and waterfall for the local color to enjoy. My sweet parrot rarely eats all of her food, as she is quite picky. So all of the leftover seeds make their way out to the yard for my feathered friends to enjoy. This weeks Illustration Friday theme is seed. I guess this clip demonstrates what can happen if you offer up a little bit of water and seeds to the Bird Gods. My apologies about the lousy thumbnail on the video. I'm going to look into fixing this issue soon. Also I got off a great shot of a Mother dove and her chick nestled in the beams above my porch. If ya wanna see the little darlings, they are over at this post over here. Again, as always, thank you for visiting my blog!