Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pat and Regina


Christeen said...

Thanks for leaving those kind words about my painting for I.F. :)
Welcome to the blog thing- I hope you love it! I'm really liking this Pat and Regina painting. I'm tempeted to poke the cactus, it looks so good.

wynlen said...

This is a great and different illustration for the "Portrait" topic!


penelope said...

Please link to a static page next week by clicking on the date of your entry. :)

A static page is linked to your blog's time and date. Go to your blog, click on the time and date of your post. You'll notice that the window changes to only show that one particular post. That is the url you should use to link to Illustration Friday. That way, in the future, when people go looking for your post, they will find it easily.

Visit the "About" section on Illustration Friday to find out more...

Thank you!


JO said...

Very cute, nice style.