Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sketch Test

This is a pencil Sketch I drew several years ago. I'm posting it as a test. I've been trying to achieve the ability to have more controll over the size of the image as it posts on the main page of my blog. Someone suggested uploading the image url from an image hosting site. I tried this and the first time I was successful, yet after resizing it a scoche on my computer, all of the following attempts failed. The latter experiments left the image woefully distorted. Alas I'll figure out how to accomplish this sooner or later.


HARDWAX said...

Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Nice drawing.

Ester said...

that's a really nice drawing! I haven't found any way to get blogger to stop resizing my work either...might be a losing battle. I especially get frustrated over the resize on the profile image.

Very beautiful sketch!