Sunday, April 01, 2007

Two Illo Friday posts!

This is the first of my two Illo Friday posts today. I "Snapped" a photo of a Cactus Wren in an Ocotillo last week and decided to do a little illo of the critter singing a "snappy" little tune.

At first I had a tough time coming up with an idea to suit the "Snap" topic. Then I remembered a flyer given to me by a park ranger at the Saguaro National Park a few weeks ago. It had a section describing what to do should you encounter a Mountain Lion. I've decided to post an older digital image I created of a Puma (or Mountain Lion) .So if you'd rather not see these critters "Snap"... Here is a list of a few of the recommendations advised by the Parks Dept.
DO NOT approach the cat.
DO NOT run. Running triggers their chase instinct.
DO NOT bend over or crouch down. If you pick up small children, do so without bending over
or turning away.
MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT with the Lion at all times. Never look away.
MAKE YOURSELF APPEAR LARGER and more aggressive. Open your jacket. raise your
arms, and throw rocks or sticks to discourage predatory behavior. Speak loudly and slowly.
REPORT the sighting to Park authorities.


Pati @-;-- said...

Both are beautiful, Val... the first one is my favorite :)

Debbie Egizio said...

Beautiful work!

Ammon said...

Very nice work! I thought, for a second, that you were going to write that the park ranger wanted you to snap your fingers at a mountain lion. Anyway, your work is awesome.

studio lolo said...

Excellent posts! We have Mtn. Lion postings in our neighborhood. I was one of the folks who actually saw it while I was walking the dog. It changed my walking habits fast!! That was more than a year ago and I still think of it every day. Nice illos, Valleriana!

md said...

lik eth edetail and colors in both

HARDWAX said...

Wow, both great pieces! I'm especially liking the mountain lion, fine digital rendering, or for that matter any medium.
The cautionary list works for me, beautiful but dangerous creatures.
I checked out your piece for "I Spy", a dazzler, wow again!
I wanted to comment sooner, but your post kept disappearing, I've never experienced that before, anyway.

HARDWAX said...

Hi there. I clicked on your name after reading your comment, which took me of course to your profile page, clicked on "Once Upon A Dolphin", it came up for a instant, then disappeared, I did this half a dozen times, when I clicked on "Once upon A Seahorse", that was fine, again later on, same problem, I also couldn't find you listed, which was an oversight on my part. So today same problem, but finally found your name on the post list, [I need glasses]. To make a long story longer after I made the comment today, I clicked on your name again in my comments, this time it was fine, so, hopefully, just a glich of some kind.
By the way, thanks much for your comment.