Friday, August 31, 2007


This weeks Illustration Friday topic is "Alphabet". I decided to illustrate the Runic symbol "Ansuz". I've been doing some graphic experiments lately, using photo's I've been shooting of some interesting textures. I took a picture of the rock used in this illustration, while hiking down in Patagonia Az.
I found a nice website that discusses the meaning behind this symbol (here). I chose "Ansuz", as it seems fitting with regards to some of my experiences these days. Thank you again for visiting, and thank you all for the nice comments you left on my last post!


Mick said...

I love the way this came out. Quite a successful experiment I'd say. :)

DEW said...

This is stunning! I love runes, and I love the symbol you chose and the colors and texture is perfect!

Heather said...

Oooh the colors and texture on this are fantastic.

studio lolo said...

Hey again, solo Lolo! I have a client who does rune jewelry. Check her stuff out at

I looked at all of your posts from "Momentum" and back. Good stuff Valerianna. I'm shocked by the lack of comments. I think the blog is getting glutted and bogged down because a lot of great stuff is missed :)
And btw, I noticed the wine in the glass stayed at the same level during the storm. If I was there it would have been empty!