Friday, October 05, 2007

Centipede under Glass

Not Open! This sly centipede snuck into my room when the door was NOT "open". So I decided to draw him for Illustration Friday. I'm not sure where the neon idea came from. I guess the illo's bright colors.

This critter got busted breaking and entering in my bedroom. Now after all that fuss about the scorpions, I have a new critter to be very wary of.....very, very, wary of indeed.


studio lolo said...

You've been dealing with way too many creepy things! Time to move, my friend :)
You did make the bug look beautiful though!

md said...

i lov it it amps right off the page the colors just vibrate nice graphic quality too

Tracy said...

Ewww, that would creep me out for sure! Great work, though! Sometimes we get inspired from strange things, huh? :) Nice colors! I like your version better!