Friday, October 26, 2007

Trick or Treat

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed you all last week....busy busy! Did you miss me? Haaaa! I figured for the Halloween theme of this weeks "Illustration Friday" challenge, I'd use an image of an old Gothic looking church. I took the shot last summer while visiting Santa Fe New Mexico. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!
EDIT: For some reason the image disappeared from my blog, after posting the link on "IF".
This is my second attempt at posting hopefully this time the graphic won't vanish. Did this page take too long to load? Is my blog getting too big for its britches?


Teri C said...

Wonderful looking gothic church. I just wanted to tell that I am also in Tucson.

Email me about the Nov. 4th sketchcrawl at Traildust town.

Teri C said...

Here is the url for more info in the crawl

I missed last year also.

Mandala's also?! whoohoo!!

studio lolo said...

fabulous, haunting image! The church bells are the perfect touch.

Michelle Lana said...

PRetty cool image! great